Do You Like My Basement? "No man knows what he will do when driven by hunger."
~ Alexander Pearce, AKA The Cannibal Convict, Apocryphal Death Row Last Words, 1823, Van Dieman's Land

Do You Like My Basement? is a dark, comic horror film with a unique voyeuristic approach to fear and a subtle commentary on actors and filmmakers. The story begins with a cameraman entering a middle-class home, he introduces himself as: "Stanley Farmer - a filmmaker." As he unpacks the contents of his rather large bag, he is disturbed by a noise at the front door. It immediately becomes obvious that he is an intruder. After the clinical disposal of an unfortunate couple, Stanley transforms the apartment, particularly its dank basement, into a homemade studio and places several hidden cameras around the space.

Soon Chad, a cheerful actor, arrives at the house for a casting session and is surprised when Stanley films everything he does. When questioned about his approach, Stanley explains he is attempting to: “achieve a sense of unequaled realism." It's only when we are midway through the first of his auditions that we realize what a truly original film this will be.

Stanley creates a spontaneous, dark, comic, narrative, spun from the auditions of innocent actors who arrive at his apartment and agree to play along with his homemade horror project. We are sucked into his film-within-a-film as we bear witness to the actors’ candid interviews that evolve into terrifying basement auditions. The unfortunate timing of innocent callers heightens the tension as Stanley juggles the devilish drama in the basement with home improvements and nosy neighbors, all while still wielding his camera to create an improvised cinematic masterpiece.

Charlie Floyd - Stanley Farmer

C.B. Floyd studied acting at the University of Birmingham and the Brian Timoney Actors’ Studio. For ten years he pursued the hijinks and pipedreams of Rock’n’Roll, his pop noire combo, Evil Genius, enjoying the sweaty acclaim of a generation of Camden’s Grubby Young Things; and the undivided indifference of The Man. In the theatre, meanwhile, notable roles included leads in Stoppard’s The Real Inspector Hound and Potter’s Brimstone and Treacle, and a coruscating Edmund in Lear. He briefly attracted the attention of the nerdosphere, when he was cast as Sanguini the Vampire in Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince, though his performance mostly adorned the cutting room floor. He moved to America in 2009, rapidly emerging as the go-to Creepy Limey for the Baby Scorseses of NYC. Then he became Stanley Farmer. Since wrapping Do You Like My Basement, Charlie’s whereabouts remain unconfirmed.

Devon Talbott - Chad

An honors graduate of NYU’s Tisch School of the Arts and a member of AEA, Devon Talbott has performed alongside such talent as Patrick Swayze, Kathleen Chalfant, and other dedicated performers on stage and in film. Born in New Jersey, Devon began acting at the age of five when he played the lead in Oliver. When he is not acting, Devon works as a writer, musician, and artist. He is notorious for his controversial distaste for chocolate. 

Andres De Vengeochea - Raul

Andres de Vengeochea was born and raised in Panama City, Panama. After working in corporate America and as a United Nations diplomat he decided to pursue acting and attended the William Esper Studio. Andres has starred in plays and numerous films, recently playing the role of Jake in the upcoming web series "Texpats." Earlier this year he signed with Don Buchwald for commercial representation.

Jessica Alexandra Green – Sylvia

Jessica Alexandra Green is a Chicago native, now residing in New York City.  The ever-dedicated thespian, Jessica began acting before she knew her ABCs. She graduated with a BA in Theatre from Florida State University. While attending FSU, Jessica frequently appeared in Film School productions, which bore a true appreciation for cinematography. Jessica has since focused on film and commercial work both in Los Angeles and New York. She has two feature films playing on the Chiller Network this fall: “Alien Opponent” staring Jeremy London and Roddy Piper, and "Remains" staring Grant Bowler and Miko Hughes.  She appears in independent comedy, "The Quiet Room" soon to be seen at the Big Apple Film Festival and also stars in "Finding Virginia" a drama inspired by the true story of a kidnapped and murdered woman.  

  Rena Washino - Kumiko

Rena started classical ballet at the age of fourteen after being mesmerized by dance. At Tamagawa University Rena discovered Japanese folk dance, contemporary dance and began choreographing herself. She is a founding member of the dance company APE, and has performed internationally as a professional dancer in theatres and on TV. Performances include Musical Pendragon (UK), Saburo Kitajima concert 2005, Corocket’s Show 2007, Abarenbo Shogun Musical with Ken Matsudaira, Opera Concert Alice’s Music Training with Masumitsu Miyamoto, Kohaku Uta Gassen (Matsuken Sanba Dancers). Rena moved to New York in 2008 and formed dance theatre group TONTON-BYOSHI. She has appeared in the music video for Tori Green’s debut single ‘Do You Want 2B My Girlfriend? Her most recent work was NTON-BYOSHI Tour ‘LIVE! ~Laughing is very easy~’ at Pendragon Theater in Saranac Lake.

Yukiko Miyawaki – Manami

Yukiko Miyawaki was born in Kobe, Japan. A former gymnast, Yukiko graduated from Konan Women's University and worked for the Mitsubishi Bank in Osaka. She moved to Toronto and studied dance at the National Ballet of Canada for two years before returning to Japan to dance at Tokyo Disneyland. Yukiko moved to New York in 2000 and became a student of the Peridance Center International Program. While choreographing a solo performance she trained Butoh dance, which pushed her into acting. Since then she has modeled and appeared on All My Children and various commercials and movies including 8:46 and Room 666. She recently auditioned for a prominent role in a FOX film starring Hugh Jackman based on The Wind-up Bird Chronicle by Hauki Murakami.

RaShelle Stocker - Valerie

Originally from Los Angeles, RaShelle grew up in Dallas, but received her BA in Theatre Arts from California State University and an MFA from the Actor’s Studio Drama School at Pace University, New York. Her acting credits include: In The Blood (Susan Lori-Parks) - Best Ensemble Nomination (NAACP Theatre Awards), 365 Plays 365 Days (Susan Lori-Parks), Westward Expansion (Cecil Castelluci), The Vagina Monologues (Eve Ensler). Do You Like My Basement is RaShelle’s first feature length movie. She currently resides in New York City and is developing a comedic web series.

Matt O’Connor - Otto

Matthew O’Connor originally hails from the Bronx NY but resides in Hampton Bays.  Untrained formally, Matt has attended a one-week workshop with Alec Baldwin.  Inspired by many actors, including Al Pacino, Robert De Niro and Will Ferrell, Matt has performed on stage in: Twelve Angry Men, The Oldest Living Graduate, Bus Stop, Comedy of Errors, Into the Woods and The Actor’s Nightmare. His Independent Film work includes: Blind Sight, The Fortune Writer, Joey Skapiloey, Philly Furnished, A Piece of Cake, Mama Needs A Ride, Royal Pains and You Don’t Know Jack (starring Al Pacino). He as been featured in Law & Order SVU while also appearing in commercials for MTV3, Doritos, Wonderful Pistachios and Western Pest Services. 

Roger Sewhcomar – Writer, Producer, Director, Editor.

Born within the sound of the Bow Bells in London, Roger is considered a true cockney! But after years of living a chirpy life in north London, he moved to New York in 1987 to explore life and was hooked by the film bug. Since then the English/Guyanese filmmaker has made a home in Harlem. He has worked in New York’s film world for many years in a variety of roles such as Boom Operator, Line Producer, Assistant Director, Cameraman, Editor etc., and produced and directed several films which were sold to major networks in Europe and the USA. Aside from making films about drag queens, crack addicts and serial killers, Roger's real life has contained a fair amount of colorful activities - sprinting through minefields in the Golan Heights, zipping through traffic on his bicycle as a messenger in New York City and jumping on speeding fire engines roaring down the Champs Elysee. Nowadays, however, his favorite pastime is staring at the Mediterranean Sea. Currently he works at Lincoln Center and freelances as a cameraman for Bloomberg. He is also rumored to be working on a sequel to Do You Like My Basement?

John Hudak

John Hudak, Jr. was born in Scranton, PA. He attended graduate school at the Academy of Art University in San Francisco. His main concentration is cinematography with editing as a second interest. “Reflections,” a feature length horror, was his first job as a DP at the age of twenty one. John continues to hone his craft as a DP since relocating to New York City in 2007. He has traveled extensively for work photographing various climates and conditions including rainforest, cloud forest and desert.

Keith Garvey – Production Designer

Keith hails from Rhode Island where he attended Rhode Island School of Design for his BFA in Painting. Since then he has moved to Brooklyn, New York City and worked on feature films, music videos, commercials and most notably – the Project Runway reality show.

Kerry Davis – Costume Design/Production Manager

Kerry Davis has worked in film, fashion, art, and music for more than ten years.  Her favorite titles include Program Manager, Production Coordinator, Costume Designer, Lead Photo Editor, and Performance Artist.  She is a graduate of Wayne State University and cites her hometown of Detroit, Michigan as a major influence. She currently lives in Brooklyn, New York and watches cat videos in her spare time.

Brian Spears – Special Effects Make Up

Brian Spears is a special effects make-up artist who has been providing werewolves, zombies, vampires, and extensive gore for more than ten years to projects along the east coast. Brian has provided effects to feature films, award winning shorts and countless music videos. For his work on I Sell the Dead, he was nominated, along with partner, Pete Gerner (Gerner & Spears FX), for a "Chainsaw" award for best FX by Fangoria magazine. He’s contributed plenty of nastiness to recent movies such as Bitter Feast, Stake Land and Hypothermia. Other credits include Plague Town, Burning Inside, Hellbenders, Revenge For Jolly, Sleepaway Camp IV, Shadow Dead Riot and The Innkeepers. Spears won't be found taking long walks on the beach with a fine wine and a good book but rather dismembering, disfiguring and saturating film sets with gallons of blood.

Brandy Mcdonald – Hair and Make Up

Brandy McDonald is a licensed hairstylist and professional make-up artist based in New York City.  With her boundless love for the arts and natural creative eye, she has the ability to create and deliver looks that are a cut above, while maintaining her unique style.  Brandy has an immense knowledge in hair and make-up, including Special Effects, which makes her even more valuable on a set.  She has a fun-loving attitude and laid-back personality, which is perfect for any task. Brandy is also part of the team at Twigs Hair Salon in the East Village.

Kyle Porter – Sound Mixer

Kyle was born in Manhattan and raised in Queens, New York. He attended Vassar College to study Film and has been working as a sound mixer in New York since 2009. Do You Like My Basement? was Kyle’s first feature length job and a thrill for him as horror is one of his favorite genres. As a lover of cats and all other animals, Kyle will never eat, one but does love the flesh eating Zombies of Romero’s Dawn of the Dead. The Woman, one of Kyle’s first jobs as Boom Operator, was selected for Sundance Film Festival 2011.

Danny Weiss – Gaffer/ AD

Danny Weiss has been an avid lover of horror and science fiction from the time he could scheme.  This love grew into a passion and driving force in his life, becoming one of the main reasons he studied film. Danny currently works as an Assistant Director and Gaffer in his hometown New York City, and has been an active member of the film community for the past five years.  He recently opened the doors to LICk Studios, a full service production facility where he hopes indie cinema will continue to live on.

Do You Like My Basement? is Roger Sewhcomar's first feature film. His desire to make a feature-length movie grew from working long hours on countless low-budget independent productions in New York City. After ten years in the game Roger transferred his energy to a project of his own and retired to his dank basement to write a screenplay in December 2009. Four months later, the script for Do You Like My Basement? was done.

Roger tailored the film’s parameters to his unique Harlem location. He transformed the basement into a filmmaker's lair using existing features and cheap production design (plastic sheeting!) -- soon, a movie set was borne. Roger begged favors from crew contacts, borrowed props from friends, and cooked a daily lunch to save production money. He also tested his sanity by continuing to work part-time jobs at Lincoln Center and Bloomberg while shooting the film. His goal was to illustrate that quality low-budget filmmaking can exist in the horror genre without indulging in soft porn and gore tactics.

The film was made with a non-union cast and produced for less than fifty thousand dollars with a crew that sometimes numbered as little as four. The images were captured on two Canon 7Ds, a GoPro and a Panasonic HVX over fourteen days between March and July 2011.

Hello Folks. Good news!

Do You Like My Basement? has just been selected for the New Filmmakers of New York spring program at the Anthology Film Archives. We will be screening as the feature presentation at 8.30pm on Wednesday May 29th, 2013. Please come along if you are in town and show your support for the film. Tickets are only $6.00. Follow the links below for more details:

Also we are getting closer to a distribution deal. Currently we are negotiating for an online release - VOD (Netflix, Itunes, Hulu etc.) with Cinedigm/New Video. Hopefully we will be closer to signing a contract and releasing the film in North America and Canada by July 2013.

If you are interested in reading the production blog go here for more info on how the film was made and Stanley's curious background:

Thanks for reading.  Onwards! 

Currently Do You Like My Basement? is being touted to distributors, sales agents and film festivals.

But here are some of the things people have said about the film so far:

"Pretty Creepy! Great performances!" Bloody Disgusting

"Roger Sewhcomar’s Do You Like My Basement? is a meta-horror delight!" Film Threat

“It truly is a sick, twisted creation. And I liked it very much. Like I said when I saw you, it's wonderfully meta, and the rules you set out in telling the story worked so well (the lock-offs versus the POV camera). It's formally very accomplished, and funny, and bizarre.” Gabe Weinshal, Filmmaker

“You should be very proud, well paced, a nicely terrifying experience, great sound mix, nice shots, nothing but good things for a film that should find itself an audience no problem. Keep pushing it out there, I look forward to hearing where it lands next.” Tom Hruby, Furniture Designer/Filmmaker

“I shared the excitement about your film that I sensed in the audience. I Loved: the acting, the casting, the facial expressions, unusual compositions, the way the subject was framed, the music had humor in that it was over the top, two cameras used weaving around rather than cuts, the angles to make you dizzy...” Yvonne de Forte, Lincoln Center Tour Guide.

“Just wanted to let you know how much we enjoyed your movie! I (thought I) recognized a number of references to other films - and kept thinking about Michel Powell's "Peeping Tom" all the way through. But it's a great mix of tension and humor...Congratulations.” Reggie Harris, IT Director, Poets House
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Sampei Yamaguchi
Aileen Payumo
Jamila Jones
Gabriela Gutierrez
Lia Martinez
Arthur Vincie
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Alex Talbott
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